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My name is Anca Cipariu and I am an actress. 

Becoming an actress was, of course, my decision. (My zodiac sign is Aquarius). One day, when the question popped up “what do you want to become when you grow up” my answer wasn`t a gymnast, an astronaut or a painter anymore, but an actress. And it didn’t change over the years, despite my parents` efforts. They knew I liked making fun of myself and hoped this would be another silly joke. (Unfortunately for them, it wasn`t).

During highschol I entered an acting competition where the president of the jury was Radu-Alexandru Nica, a very talented Romanian theatre director. We became friends and a few months later he offered me the leading role in his “Arabian Night”, staged at the National Theatre “Radu Stanca” in Sibiu. This is up to this day one of my greatest joys. 

I went on to study acting and since 2011 I am a member of the German Section of the same theatre in Sibiu. My work here has been very fulfilling. I`ve had the chance to work a lot on some really great characters, but I would also like to experience acting in films, as I am very drawn to it. 

Thank you for your time.

Showreel 2016

A few scenes from my collaboration with Andrei Bârză for his admission to film school.

Showreel 2014

My first showreel shot in 2014. In 2016 I worked with speech coach Tim Schüler on speaking German without an accent. So, new German showreel coming soon.

Filming Experience


Title: Bad Banks       Director: Christian Schwochow        Role: Adina       Producer: Letterbox Film Produktion       Year: 2017

Short Film

Title: The King's Cup       Director: Lara Ionescu       Role: Ilona Radu        Producer: Catalin Neagoe        Year: 2016

Title: Without the Sunlight       Director: Andrei Barza       Role: She       Year: 2015

Title: City Break       Director: Oliver Laszlo       Role: Sandra       Year: 2010





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